Happiness Coalition

In 2011, I worked with 12 other designers to launch a campaign for our socially conscious design class "Design Rebels" taught by Noah Scalin. We called it the "Happiness Coalition." Our mission was to spread happiness and educate others about the importance of positive mental health. Together we promoted our cause through hand-printed postcards as well as flyer, posters, social media, and our blog. These are some of the ways I was able to contributed to this wonderful project.

 The poster I created for our big debut.
 The postcard I designed to be handed out at the event.
 I carved the stamp that we printed on the back of the postcards. (photo credit)
Me trying out the stamp on some scrap paper. (photo credit)
 All set up at Gallery 5 during Richmond's First Friday Artwalk, before the crowd arrived.
 Of course, it was definitely a group effort.  These were just some of
the small things I contributed to this great project.

additional work